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Mini Unit Bricks for fun tabletop play or on-the-go travel sets.

Although the pieces of the Unit Bricks Mini Series are made up of simple wooden shapes, these building blocks offer endless opportunities to explore engineering, construction, step-by-step directions, STEM environment, architecture, and creativity. Famous constructs are recreated in miniature, including a suspension bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and a working crane as well as several free-play kits for kids to stretch their imaginations.

Each kit comes with a set of precision-cut wood pieces. Each is carefully sanded, and some are dyed with climate-friendly natural ingredients before being packed up and sent out for your child's next adventure. Although some critical joints are made of BPA-free plastic, most of each kit is all-natural eco-friendly wood.

Instructions are included with some models, but with a bit of cleverness, kits can be combined or reworked to make whatever a scientific mind can think up. Experiment with towers, arches, suspension, and curves among other physics problems. Each kit conforms to international safety requirements and is designed to last through many hours of thought and play.

7 products found in UNIT BRICKS - Mini Series

UNIT BRICKS Mini Unit Beams Bridges Set for age 6+ 620 pcs
  • $139.99
UNIT BRICKS Mini Unit Beams Cranes Builder Set for age 6+
  • $49.99
Mini Unit Beams Truss Bridge Starter Building Set for 6+
  • $39.99
UNIT BRICKS Mini Unit Beams Eiffel Tower Set for age 8+
  • $89.99
UNIT BRICKS Mini Unit Beams Stone Cutters Bridge Building Set
  • $49.99
UNIT BRICKS 58 pcs Mini Unit Bricks Wooden Building Set for age 3+
  • $59.99
UNIT BRICKS 58 pcs Mini Unit Rocks Wooden Building Set for age 3+
  • $59.99