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  is a Photo Constructor Set for adults that turns your photos into endless pieces of pixel art. It’s great as a gift in the box or assembled as artwork. Simply get a construction set that comes with a 6-digit code and visit our website – Upload your desired image, customize, choose a pixelated option that you like, and receive the assembly diagram to your email address. And start building! Recreate a new pixel art whenever you want – the code can be linked to multiple email addresses and has no expiration date. The construction bricks come in 5 monochrome colors - white, light gray, gray, dark gray, and black, and the assembly instructions can be viewed on multiple phones simultaneously. It's fun for the whole family or with friends!

Your picture. Infinite pixel art possibilities!

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MOZABRICK Photo Construction Set Model L - Transform Any Picture into a Mosaic Wall Art Using Our Constructor and App!
  • $159.99