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Explore and shop the latest UGEARS Models. From 20 minutes of the assembly to eight hours, these models are a fantastic way to fill the time and challenge the brain! 
UGears Cash Register, STEM LAB Curvimeter, Nativity Scene, Mini Buggy, Research Vessel, and Motorcycle Scrambler are additional models you can pick up from our newest 3D model collection.

8 products found in New Ugears Models

UGears Mini Buggy
  • $9.99
UGears Carousel
  • $49.99
UGears Nativity Scene
  • $14.99
UGears STEM LAB Curvimeter
  • $19.99
UGears Motorcycle Scrambler UGR-10 with sidecar
  • $32.99
UGears Research Vessel
  • $59.99
UGears Mars Buggy
  • $9.99
UGears Cash Register
  • $64.99