UGEARS Part Replacement

Get part replacement for Ugears Mechanical models

For the USA customers:

If during the assembly one of the parts breaks, we will replace it free of charge as long as you purchased the model from us or one of our affiliates. Please take the pictures of the broken piece and picture of the location on the board and email them to us Please also let us know where the item was purchased. Don't forget to provide your name and shipping address if the model was not purchased through our site.

If the item was purchased elsewhere, we will forward the request to the manufacturer and the replacement will take 3-4 weeks. However, we can expedite the replacement (2-4 business days) for a small shipping fee.

International customers:

Please contact your vendor (sticker on the back of the box), store where the product was purchased, or the manufacturer directly at Please provide same pictures as listed above and your shipping address.

Toothpicks can be replaced at your local grocery store.  We use generic two-point toothpicks.

Please use Contact Us form or email us with any additional questions.


Ukidz Toys support for part replacement

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