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Harry Potter™ Series

Ugears awarded "Best Product of the Year" from Warner Bros. for its Harry Potter™ collection of mechanical models

Ugears, a Ukrainian manufacturer of wooden mechanical 3D puzzles, has received top honors from Warner Bros. Discovery for its Harry Potter™ series of models. The four models in the collection were jointly awarded "Best Product of the Year" at the CEE Licensing Event held by Warner Bros. Discovery in Prague on March 2, 2023.

The award recognizes the quality and unique design of Ugears' licensed Harry Potter™ products, and is all the more remarkable considering these models were released during the first year of Russia's full-scale war in Ukraine.
The four models in the Ugears Harry Potter™ collection are pure mechanical magic, including the spring-powered Hogwarts™ Express train; the Flying Ford Anglia™ car with its secret ejection function; the Knight Bus™ which is able to narrow and expand itself to squeeze through traffic, changing speed when it does; and the Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar, with its 24 themed mechanical fidgets, released in time for the 2022 Christmas season.

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Ugears Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar
  • $65.99
Ugears Harry Potter™ Flying Ford Anglia™
  • $59.99
UGears Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Express
  • $94.99
UGears Harry Potter™ Knight Bus™
  • $59.99

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Platform 9 ¾™
  • $59.99
Quidditch™ Pinball
  • $89.99
UGears Harry Potter™ Hagrid's™ Flying Motorbike
  • $14.99