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To keep you on your toes, we’re constantly adding to our collection of 3D puzzles that feature moveable components, visible mechanical gears and pendulums, intricate architectural details, and fascinating inside looks into everyday (and not so every day) machinery. Here are our latest 2022-23 models.
Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar
Mad Hornet Airplane
Harry Potter™ Flying Ford Anglia
Harry Potter™ Knight Bus
Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Express 
Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Retro Car UGR-T
Top Fuel Dragster
Mini Biplane 
Vintage Alarm Clock 
Moto Compact Folding Scooter
Mechanical Tellurion 
Marble Run Tiered Hoist
Old Clock Tower
Pickup Lumberjack 

15 products found in New 2022-2023 Models

Ugears Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar
  • $65.99
UGears Mad Hornet Airplane
  • $64.99
Ugears Harry Potter™ Flying Ford Anglia™
  • $59.99
UGears Harry Potter™ Knight Bus™
  • $59.99
UGears Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Express
  • $94.99
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist - 4
  • $57.99
Ugears Top Fuel Dragster
  • $59.99
UGears Retro Car UGR-T
  • $54.99
UGears Old Clock Tower
  • $14.99
Ugears Pickup Lumberjack
  • $72.99
UGears Marble Run Tiered Hoist - 3 Mechanical Model
  • $57.99
UGears Mini Biplane
  • $13.99
UGears Vintage Alarm Clock
  • $13.99
UGears Moto Compact Folding Scooter
  • $35.99
UGears Mechanical Tellurion
  • $56.99