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To keep you on your toes, we’re constantly adding to our collection of 3D puzzles that feature moveable components, visible mechanical gears and pendulums, intricate architectural details, and fascinating inside looks into everyday (and not-so-everyday) machinery. If you’ve already completed everything in our collection, try your hand at one of our newest model kits:

  • Steam Express DIY 2.5D wooden picture model shows a classic steam locomotive and passenger carriage from three perspectives, each with mechanical elements. 

  • Winged Sports Coupe is a 1:24 scale model coupe with 2 modes of operation and features a hood that lifts to reveal a model engine.

  • The Zeppelin 2.5D picture puzzle is a fun DIY project for anyone wanting to add a touch of beauty and aviation history to their home or office interior.

  • The manned Mars Rover is equipped with a spring, independent suspension on springs, and turning front and rear wheels with a large diameter to overcome obstacles.

  • Ghost of Kyiv is a 1:72 scale model of the MiG-29 fighter jet flown by the Ghost.

  • Dozor-B TCWV (Tactical Combat Wheeled Vehicle), an all-wheel drive armored personnel carrier (APC). 

  • The Atlantic Ocean series of U-Fidgets from Ugears features a compass to guide your voyages and three majestic ocean creatures: Dolphin, Sea Turtle, and Hammerhead Shark.

  • The Pacific Ocean series of U-Fidgets from Ugears features four iconic sea creatures: Whale, Stingray, Shark, and Seahorse.

  • Tracked Off-Road Vehicle is a 1:24 scaled wooden ORV model with a spring motor that allows it to travel more than three meters in “D” (Drive) mode and more than four meters in “S” (Sport) mode.

  • Sports Car Rapid Mouse is a mid-20th century classic roadster. This gorgeous 1:24 scale automobile model is the second model in the Dual Motors series by Ugears, joining the Hot Rod, and is sure to set hearts fluttering for all you car lovers out there.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex is a mechanical DIY wooden model of a walking tyrannosaur driven by a metal spring, which transmits power through a reduced gear, turning the axle that drives the legs. 

  • Roadster MK3 2.5D Puzzle depicts a classically-styled muscle car. This automotive picture model comes to life with a side door that opens, wheels that turn, a hood and boot that open and close, and a movable stick shifter. 

  • Indie Moto 2.5D Puzzle depicts a classically-styled cruiser motorbike. The picture model comes to life with several moving parts, including the handlebar, wheels, footrest, and seat, and will be a great addition to your home or office decor.

  • Fighter Aircraft 2.5D Puzzle depicts a classic 1940's era Spitfire, the famous WWII fighter used by the RAF and other allies. The picture model presents 3 perspectives (front, top, and side views) and has several moving parts, including an aileron, propeller, wheel, and canopy.

  • U-Fidgets Bravery features four self-assembly small wooden figurines: Trident, Ghost of Kyiv, Patron the Bomb-sniffing Dog, and Signals Intelligence Station.

  • U-Fidgets Invincibility features four self-assembly small wooden figurines: Trident-Falcon, Armored Car, Combat Drone, and Anti-submarine Corvette. 

  • Military Truck has spinning wheels, a hood that opens, and a spare tire and fuel can be mounted on the cab.

  • Ocean Beauty Yacht sailing vessel is a beautiful static model with two gleaming white paper sails and comes with its own sturdy stand for display.

  • Hot Rod Furious Mouse car model has dual engine functionality: wind the spring motor, or pull back and release.

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Platform 9 ¾™
  • $59.99
UGears Three-wheeler UGR-S
  • $54.99
UGears Engine Clock
  • $64.99
UGears Triceratops
  • $54.99
UGears Harry Potter™ Hagrid's™ Flying Motorbike
  • $14.99
UGears Zeppelin 2.5D Mechanical Puzzle
  • $19.99
UGears Winged Sports Coupe
  • $41.99
UGears Steam Express 2.5D Mechanical Puzzle
  • $19.99
UGears Manned Mars Rover
  • $84.99
UGears Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • $54.99
UGears Tracked Off-Road Vehicle
  • $64.99
UGears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
  • $39.99
UGears U-Fidgets Pacific Ocean
  • $11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Atlantic Ocean
  • $11.99
UGears Roadster MK3 2.5D Mechanical Puzzle
  • $19.99
UGears Indie Moto 2.5D Mechanical Puzzle
  • $19.99
UGears Fighter Aircraft 2.5D Mechanical Puzzle
  • $19.99
UGears Hot Rod Furious Mouse
  • $41.99
UGears Ocean Beauty Yacht
  • $14.99
UGears U-Fidgets Invincibility
  • $12.99
UGears U-Fidgets Bravery
  • $12.99
UGears Mechanical Celesta
  • $94.99
Ugears Top Fuel Dragster
  • $44.99
UGears Retro Car UGR-T
  • $54.99
UGears Drift Cobra Racing Car Mechanical Model
  • $64.99