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The AuthenticatedTM Trustmark streamlines consumers’ ability to identify resources that conform to vetted STEM standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents and educators observe Educational Research™’s seal, they know that products will:

  • Integrate seamlessly into STEM-friendly classrooms and homes
  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards
  • Support the development of learner’s 21st Century Skills
  • Engage users through hands-on learning and collaboration
  • Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process

We are excited to announce that the following brands completed Authenticated™ from Educational Research™: Authenticated Brands

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213 products found in Authenticated™ Brands

MATADOR Architect A050 22pcs Wooden Construction Set 1+
  • $33.99
MATADOR Explorer E200 318pcs Wooden Construction Set 5+
  • $99.99
MATADOR Theme World Country Explorer 5+
  • $29.99