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Engage your toddler’s natural curiosity with the Architect series by MATADOR. Choose from three building sets with pieces ranging from 10 to 122 blocks.

The MATADOR series consists of blocks made from untreated copper beech wood, without toxic varnish or other harmful chemicals. All parts are produced according to strict safety requirements for toys. When you choose a MATADOR product, you know you are getting a safe, earth-friendly toy made from non-toxic materials.

The Architect series was developed specifically for kids 12 months and up. The blocks feature a patented design of nobs and slots that loosely connect, making it easy for little hands to stack and create structures. Just knock down the blocks and they easily come apart. Building with these shapes promotes spatial awareness, motor, and cognitive skills, and a sense of achievement.

Matador Architect is a pedagogic first toy, and its various shapes encourage children to build and play.

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