Presenting four New UGears Models!

UGears US are excited to present four new models!

These unique 2022 novelties are available for pre-order now and will be available for sale end of April 2022.


Mechanical Tellurion

Model size: 15.9*10.2*12 in
Package size: 14.9*6.7*1.3 in
Parts count: 249
Self-assembly, no glue needed

UGears is proud to present the Mechanical Tellurion, an accurate wooden model representation of our corner of the universe. A tellurion (also spelled tellurian, tellurium, and sometimes called a loxocosm), is an ingenious mechanism that depicts the cosmic dance between Sun, Earth and Moon. The causes of day and night, the phases of the moon, and the changing seasons are seen and understood according to the movements of this 3D puzzle. A tellurion (from the Latin tellus, meaning "earth") is related to the orrery, which illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons in the solar system in a heliocentric model.
When "tuning" the mechanism, set the pointer to the middle of winter or summer on the seasons dial. The earth, on its tilted axis, can be rotated (using a gear under the phases of the moon) to have either hemisphere be farthest from the sun in the bleak midwinter, or closest to the sun in summer. Turn the handle the correct number of days forward or back, from whichever solstice is closest in time, to set the present day. After consulting a lunar calendar, use the upper gear disk to adjust the position of the moon to its correct phase. Your Tellurion is now "set." With each passing day, give the model one turn of the crank to chart the earth's progress around the sun, and the moon's lunar cycle as it orbits the earth.

Moto Compact Folding Scooter

Model size: 5.7*2.4*4.3 in
Package size: 14.9*6.7*1.06 in
Parts count: 192
Self-assembly, no glue needed

The Moto Compact folding scooter from UGears is a clever, spring-driven addition to our family of two-wheeled DIY wooden models. For many youths, a motor scooter is their first form of motorized transport.
To start your scooter, grip and pull the front and rear sections slightly apart, which raises the handlebars. Press the driver's seat down to engage the "stop" mechanism. You can now wind the motor using the ratchet knob on the bike's right side. Raise the kickstand and lower the small guide wheels underneath for balance. Set the bike on the floor or other smooth surface, then hold it gently while pressing down on the passenger seat at the back, which serves as the "start" button. This pops the driver's seat up and engages the main gear - let go quickly and watch your scooter zoom off! After the scooter has stopped, if you want to start it again just repeat the cycle.
To fold up your Moto Compact, grip the front and rear sections of the bike and push them together, which also collapses the handle bars to their tucked-away position. The folded scooter can now be slipped into a pocket and carried, or it can rest on its kickstand, which flips down from the left side of the body.

Vintage Alarm Clock

Model size: 3.7*2*5 in
Package size: 8.3*3.6*0.8 in
Parts count: 41
Self-assembly, no glue needed

The UGears' Vintage Alarm Clock is a charming throwback, a decorative reminder of the mechanical alarm clock sitting on the bedside dresser in your parents' or grandparents' home. When you move the large gear on the side, the arrow hands of the Alarm Clock spin and the bells jangle, giving the wooden clock model its characteristic "clacking" alarm sound. While this decorative wooden model clock doesn't actually keep time, the hands of the clock are geared so that one complete rotation of the minute hand advances the hour hand one position.

This DIY wooden model Alarm Clock is not just an attractive display piece, but includes dynamic motion and sound elements, including the careful gearing of minute and hour hands and the surprising inclusion of the clattering alarm.
The Vintage Alarm Clock expands our collection of easy-to-assemble models, making it a great gift idea for children and adults looking for a fun, relatively easy DIY project to do at home on a rainy day. The Vintage Alarm Clock will appeal to fans of retro steampunk design, horology, and anyone who has already enjoyed building the UGears Steampunk Clock. The UGears Vintage Alarm clock is a fun, lightly challenging, and satisfying creative project for families to work on together, and an attractive addition to your home décor.

Mini Biplane

Model size: 6*5.1*3.1 in (15*13*8 cm)
Package size: 8.3*3.6*0.8 in (21*9.2*2 cm)
Parts count: 84
Self-assembly, no glue needed

The UGears Mini Biplane model is both a fun toy and an attractive decorative item to place on the shelf. We opted for an open design, making the Biplane fuselage light and transparent, revealing the model's inner workings. Machines should not be mysteries! We want to encourage our builders' natural curiosity, and help them learn about motors and simple mechanics.
The Mini Biplane wooden model has a turning propeller and is powered by a rubber band motor - just pull the model back along a surface to wind it up, then release and watch it go! The model's toy-like appearance and simple mechanics make the Mini Biplane an excellent starter model and introduction to the fascinating world of UGears 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits.
The Mini Biplane will appeal to anyone who loves model planes or who is interested in aviation. It joins the Aviator (with its interchangeable airplane and helicopter components) and the Flight Starter models in our UGears family of flyers.