New UGears STEM LAB Models coming soon! Learn how Variator Mechanism works.

We are excited to announce that UGears have recently released two new STEM models: Variator and Random Generator.
While we anxiously waiting to add those new kits to our store, we wanted to learn how both mechanisms work and share it with you. In this blog we are reviewing UGEARS STEM LAB  Variator.  Happy reading!
The article about Random Generator can be found here. 

UGEARS STEM LAB  Variator is a device that transfers and adjusts the engine torque by changing the ratio of gears. With DIY wooden puzzle Variator from the STEM lab collection you can learn and comprehend one of the most important parts of a car without soiling your hands in machine oil!
The model kit comes with a QR-code to the study guide about the mechanism, the principal of its working, the main characteristics, formulas. It also includes interesting assignments.
Ugears Stem Lab Variator
The CVT (continuously variable transmission) is used in mechanisms, in which a continuous range of gear ratios must be changed seamlessly: cars, motor scooters, snowmobiles, quadracycles, conveyors, metal-cutting machines, etc. 
The mechanical puzzle Variator of the Ugears STEM lab collection is a fully functional wooden replica of a Belt-driven Friction Cone CVT. The Cone CVT varies the drive ratio by moving a wheel or belt up and down the axis of conical roller. In the Ugears model kit Variator, the belt, powered manually via the reducer, transfers the rotation to the driven cone pulleys. Use the transmission fork to change gears and observe how the speed of the driven cone pulley drops or rises while the drive cone pulley’s speed remains the same. Due to the open design of the model, you will be able to see the whole process.

The mechanism of the Variator is composed of:
Udears Stem Lab Variator Parts
  • Key
  • Drive cone pulley
  • Driven cone pulley
  • Reducer
  • Belt
  • Pedal
  • Body
  • Transmission fork

  • Ugears STEM puzzles are designed to suit different age groups with a special focus on learning component. The assembly of the model will be interesting and won’t take much time.

    STEM lab model kits come with all you need in a box.

    Just like the rest of Ugears wooden model kits, putting STEM lab models together is fun and comprehensive: everything you need to build, learn, and discover comes in a box. There you will find:


    Ugears Stem Lab Variator Kit
    • High-quality wooden boards with pre-cut details and other standard supplies. Assembly requires no glue or additional tools. The details come out of the boards with a slight push.
    • Step-by step illustrated assembly instruction manual.
    • Practical lab tasks with use of your model.
    • QR-code to download a pocket study guide about your model, its mechanism, principle of its working, main characteristics, physical and mechanical formulas, and fun practical tasks.
    • QR-code to download AR-application. Fascinating innovation from Ugears – new drive to learn more new things!
    • Model size: 6.6*5*4.2 in (16.8*12.8*10.6 cm)
    • Package size: 8.1*7.4*2.5 in (20.5*18.8*6.3 cm)
    • Number of components: 104
    • Estimated time of assembly: 4 hours

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