"Unit Bricks are terrific tools for facilitating children's developing visual-spatial and geometric skills, as well as numeracy and mathematics. In the process of playing with these building blocks, children gain a better sense of how objects and numbers fit together, exercise their advanced planning skills, and have fun -- all at the same time. I highly recommend Unit Bricks for any child wanting to learn through play!" 

Dr. Walter Gilliam PhD. Director, Zigler Center in Child Development, Yale University

Unit Bricks: Building Bricks for Life
Our bricks find homes any place where STEM learning, motor skills practice and social interaction is desired, in kindergartens and community play centers, special needs classrooms and elderly care facilities.

Classrooms and Play Centers

Support physical, social and cognitive skills acquisition with Unit Bricks in your classroom. Set up an attractive block play corner with Unit Bricks, or widen your existing offering with our large block sets. You’ll be in good company…

Over 10,000 classrooms use Unit Bricks in their curriculum, including Yale University’s Zigler institute for Early Childhood Development. We are endorsed by Florida State University faculty and can be found in Hong Kong in Woodland’s Preschools and in ESF classrooms.

Special Educational Needs

Practice verbal and non-verbal communication, build fine motor skills and encourage focus through block play in SEN learning situations.

Elderly and Long-term Care Facilities

    Unit Bricks are associated with cognitive benefits helpful in elder care, and is being used as a therapeutic tool for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s among others.
    Unit Bricks Classroom Sets
    Give new life to your block corner. With a wide range of shapes and sizes ideal for group construction, Unit Bricks solid wood bricks are also 100 per cent earth friendly, organically dyed and highly durable. Our bright appealing bricks and rocks sets imaginations soaring.
    Unit Bricks classroom sets takes block play to new heights.
    Source: UNIT BRICKS Website

    Take a look at our recommended sets for classroom use: 


    100-piece Large Unit Brick Set
    Our most popular classroom set. Large scale, realistic brick design, with a huge assortment of unit bricks and shapes.
    24-piece Large Brick Set
    Bigger blocks for bigger building. An ideal extension set.


    100-piece Large Unit Rocks Set
    Textured stone design with large Unit Bricks, arches, ramps and columns.
    24-Piece Large Unit Rocks Set
    Bold looking rocks extend your 100-piece Unit Bricks and Unit Rocks sets.


    25-Piece Unit Beams
    An innovative extension taking block play in new directions.