UGears Aero Clock Operation and Setting Troubleshooting Video

If you are looking for tips about UGears Aero clock assembly and troubleshooting of operation and setting, check out this video. Transcript is on this page below the video. 
Downloadable PDF Instructions are located here


0:04 | If the pendulum is not operational

  1.     Disconnect the latch to the right of the minute disc and slide the unit next to the latch toward you.
  2.     Remove the additional part in the pendulum mount and disconnect the metal axle.
  3.       Disconnect the pendulum.
  4.       Wait for the mechanism to restart.
  5.       Return the pendulum by securing it with the metal axle.

! If the pendulum does not move, sand the tips of the pendulum with sandpaper and rotate the disc by hand to grind in the pendulum.

  1. After restarting the clock, rotate the minute disc manually to 00 minutes.
  2. Connect the unit and secure the latch.
  3. Rotate the minute disc and check if the balloon is making a complete working cycle (smoothly lowering and raising).

01:37 | If the clock is lopsided

Apply the level tool to the wall (you can use a level or download the application on your phone) and rotate the eccentric of the clock to set the correct level of the clock holder.

01:46 | If the line got tangled or broken

  1. If the line that is in the shaft is tangled, remove part 153 and go through the assembly steps on pages 60 and 61 again.
  2. Also, make sure the line is properly secured to the upper rollers.


02:00 | If the balloon is incorrectly adjusted

  1. Rotate the minute disc for one revolution and make sure the balloon descends smoothly.
  2. To adjust the speed of the balloon, adjust the counterweight by adding or removing multiple weights.

! If the counterweight is too light, the balloon will drop sharply and can pull the line with it. If the counterweight is too heavy, the balloon will not be able to lower and the clock will not operate correctly.

02:43 | If the clock has stopped or the time is incorrect

  1. To wind the clock, pull the carriage-shaped weight as far as possible with one hand while holding the bag with a weight with the other hand.
  2. Check with a stopwatch that the escape wheel makes one revolution per exactly one minute.
  3. If the clock is slow, pull down the upper weight of the pendulum.
  4. If the clock is fast, pull up the upper weight of the pendulum.
  5. You can also use the lower weight of the pendulum to adjust the stroke of the pendulum.

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