UGears Aero Clock - FAQs. "How do I fix a time setting error?" and other questions answered.

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UGears Aero Clock Assembly.
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How loud is the Aero Clock?
When running, the Aero Clock makes a pleasant tick-tock sound that is about as loud as a regular wall clock with a pendulum—around 35 db.
What is the working life of the Aero Clock?
The working life of the clock depends on the condition of the parts of which it is composed. If parts of the mechanism deteriorate for one reason or another, you can replace them with new replacement parts (order free from Ugears) and the clock will continue to function. For the Aero Clock to work as long as possible, avoid deformation or warping of its wooden components—we recommend ambient humidity levels in the range of 40-60%, and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.
How long does the Aero Clock run?
The running time of the Ugears Aero Clock depends on the distance the weighted bag can descend. The higher the clock is mounted to the wall, the longer it will run.
The maximum running time of the model is about 30 hours. To achieve this, mount the clock to the wall at a height of 2.25 meters or higher, use the weighted bag's entire length of string that comes in the kit, and fill the bag to a weight of 2 kg.
After the weighted bag has descended completely, wind the clock by pulling the carriage-shaped lever down with one hand, while helping to raise the weighted bag to its maximum height by supporting it with your other hand (the bag is heavy, so this is done to avoid placing unnecessary load on the parts).
The usual height for mounting the clock, taking into account the height of most rooms and aesthetic considerations, is between 1.8 and 2m.
When deciding what height to mount your Aero Clock on the wall, please refer to the following table of heights and approximate run times:
Height (m)      Run time (h)
1.5                    16:40
1.6                    18:30 
1.7                    20:15
1.8                    22:00
1.9                    23:50
1.95                  24:00
2                        25:30
2.1                     27:20
2.2                     29:10
2.25                  30:00
Is there a bag with a weight in the kit?
You will find a cloth bag included with the Aero Clock. You then need to fill the bag with salt or sand (stones, coins, etc.) to a weight of exactly 2 kg.
How will clock performance be affected if the bag weighs less or more than 2 kg?
2 kg is the required weight to start the Aero Clock. If the weight is less, the clock may stop. If the weight is more, the clock may run a little fast (you would then need to adjust the clock by moving the weights on the pendulum, according to the enclosed instructions).
How accurately does the Aero Clock keep time?
If you build and mount the clock correctly and follow the recommendations in the instructions, the clock will keep time quite accurately. The tolerance is 10-20 seconds per hour.
How do I mount the Aero Clock on the wall correctly?
For correct placement of the screws, mollys or other wall anchors that will be used with the wall mount, use the special pattern sheet included in the instructions.
How do I set the level / align the model correctly on the wall?
You need to use a level tool (you can download an application on your phone for this) on the horizontal bar of the clock frame, then turn the eccentric handle on the clock until the frame is level.
How do I fix a time setting error?
If you make a mistake in setting the time, or the line gets tangled between clock elements, disengage the balloon, rethread the line through all the rollers (if tangled) according to the instructions, return the minute disc to the zero position, re-engage the balloon, lower it manually, then set the minute disc (turning clockwise) to the correct time. It is important that you only re-engage the balloon when the minute disc is at zero, otherwise, the mechanism may jam.
How do I disengage/re-engage the balloon?
To disengage the balloon, raise the release lever, slide the axle with gear and drum (reel for the line) toward the clock face, and hold it in place by lowering the lever onto the gear teeth. To re-engage the balloon, raise the release lever, slide the axle with gear and drum (reel) toward the wall, then lower the lever again.
How do I set up the balloon?
For the balloon to work properly, select the optimal balloon counterweight. To do this, simply add or remove one or more discs (weights) on the counterweight stack. The balloon is properly counterweighted when it descends smoothly to its lowest position (the counterweight will be in its highest possible position).
Does the Aero Clock use a rubber-band motor like many Ugears puzzles?
The kit includes elastic bands that reduce the tension of the line, but there is no rubber-band motor. The clock runs by means of a pendulum and counterweight mechanism.

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