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UGEARS.US Second Annual Challenge is over and it's time to vote! One winner of this challenge will get a model of their choice. VOTE BY 09/17 at 11.59 pm CST. Vote here or on

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Made a city 

Caleb Fulton:

Manufactured custom wings - scaly, black top with a dark, starry bottom

Gregory Gorski:

Assembled V-Express Steam Train



Painted his creation



Lightly sanded the parts and lightly melted the wax and it worked easier.



Replaced the white weight cloth sack with a 1" pvc pipe caped on both ends filled with lead shot all painted gold on the outside. Also added some lead shot inside the gondola to make it hang more true. Balanced weight distribution of the balloon by adding some of the wood weight disk under the balloon. Hand made a knotty alder wood frame to hang the clock and mounted the unit on the wall.



Stained, painted, and applied marker


Stained his creations with chocolate and cherry for a rustic steampunk look



Used used baby wipes, mostly water to make any acrylic color turn into a beautiful thin stain. You still need to keep the parts where they go together free of paint or stain. I used bright color's and red is always my favorite color for a sports car.


Rigged it all using suture needles



Wanted the natural look of the wood to show. He really liked how the different shades of the wood accented the body



Painted his treasure chest