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Unit Bricks Construction Sets come with everything your child needs to experiment with any building project imaginable. Made with the unmistakable quality of real wood and naturally-sourced materials, these sets are perfect for creating a STEM environment so your kids can grow and experiment.

No matter what stage your child is at, there's a Unit Bricks construction set of the right difficulty. Try a basic blocks kit for three-year-old children to help with geometric skills development and visual-spatial understanding. Once basic construction has been mastered, specialty kits for advanced builders give instructions to build spectacular feats of miniature engineering from suspension bridges to world-famous landmarks.

Each wooden piece is precision-cut and sanded for comfort. The helpful BPA-free plastic pieces are carefully sourced, and even the packaging is eco-friendly. Try one of these as a gift for a favorite relative or follow the directions to put one together on a rainy afternoon.

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UNIT BRICKS 58 pcs Mini Unit Bricks Wooden Building Set for age 3+
  • $60.00
UNIT BRICKS 58 pcs Mini Unit Rocks Wooden Building Set for age 3+
  • $60.00